International Standard Book Number is a unique number to identify your book from the millions of books in the market. An ISBN is mandatory for a book to be distributed across various platforms.

Distribution in 100+ countries

Making your work available for purchase in over 100 countries across the world! In India, your books will find place in major bookstores and e-commerce platforms like, Flipkart, Paytm, Infibeam and our own online bookstore.

Copyright with you

You get to keep the copyright of your work. Your copyright is your shield against infringement. We register the copyright of your content. You can even choose to publish your content elsewhere at any point of time.

Indexing in Databases

To have your content indexed is a matter of repute. It adds integrity and credibility to your research or article. Indexing accentuates your content's value in the scientific community. As research becomes increasingly global, interdisciplinary and collaborative, indexing your content greatly influences your citation scores.

Open Access

Open Access is the way forward. It gives greater visibility to your work and enables better citation and usage. With unrestricted access, your content gains a wider reach, thus opening out to wider analysis, scientific collaboration and excellence.

100% profit share

You earn 100% of the profits from the sale of your book. View live sales report and track each sale. Not only are you creating a strong brand for yourself as an author but also making an earning out of it.

Our Publishing Process

The following steps are performed to ensure that we deliver academic content of the highest quality.

Academic publishing process step1Step 1

Once we receive your complete manuscript, a thorough check for plagiarism is carried out. This is then copy edited by our team of proficient academic content editors who ensure adherance to style guides.

Now you have great, neat content that is waiting to be published.
Academic publishing process step2Step 2

Our highly skilled designers give your book an amazing cover and convert your content into a professional looking book that meets international print and distribution standards.

Now you have an awesome product that is waiting to hit the market.
Academic publishing process step3Step 3

Our team of book creation experts guide you in assigning the price of your book based on market trends. Thanks to our wide distribution network your book is now available in over 100 countries in print and ebook formats.

Now you sit back and earn 100% profits from the sale of your book.

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